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651 Campanella Avenue
Orlando, Florida   32811
Rev. Alfred J. Moore, Pastor
(407) 293-3100

  Worship Services: 
   9:30am Sunday School
  11:00am Sunday Morning Worship
  6:00pm Sunday Evening Worship (except 3rd Sunday)
  7:00pm 1st Tuesday Evening  Worship

Bible Study and Prayer: 
12:00pm Tuesday Noonday Prayer
1:30pm Tuesday Daytime Bible Study
7:00pm Tuesday Evening Bible Study
7:30pm Thursday Evening Bible Study
7:00am Saturday Morning Prayer
McKinnon Foundation
Welcome to Orlando Community Baptist Church We are so happy that you are visiting our website. We pray that your visit will be a Spirit-filled, Life-changing one.  It is our sincere prayer that this visit will inspire you to come fellowship and worship with us as we grow into the knowledge and revelation of God’s Will.                                    
Sincerely, Pastor Alfred J. Moore, Sr.

We Invite You To Come Fellowship With Us
Call 407-293-3100 to be informed of our FreeConference Call Services during COVID-19
Holy Ghost Headquarters.  Where the Spirit of the Lord is welcome and so are You.
to Our Pastor on His 
13th Pastoral Anniversary